Intuitive Inventory Management and more with InvenTree

InvenTree is an open-source inventory management system which provides intuitive parts management and stock control. A wide range of features makes InvenTree the perfect choice for businesses and hobbyists alike. InvenTree is designed to be extensible, and provides multiple options for integration with external applications or addition of custom plugins.


InvenTree builds its vast functions on top of a few core workflows

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Organize Parts

Parts are the fundamental element of any inventory. InvenTree groups parts into structured categories which allow you to arrange parts to meet your particular needs.

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Manage Suppliers

InvenTree allows you to easily create, modify or delete suppliers and supplier items linked to any part in your inventory.

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Instant Stock Knowledge

Instantly view current stock for a certain part, in a particular location, or required for an individual build.

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BOM Management

Intelligent Bill of Material management provides a clear understanding of the sub-parts required to make a new part.

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