Deploying InvenTree

There are multiple methods to deploy InvenTree. The most popular methods (supported by the development team) are:


We provide a single-line installer that enables a quick installation and updates using the packager manager.


InvenTree supports a simple containerized installation via docker. An official docker image is provided with regular updates.

Refer to the docker installation guide for more information


InvenTree can be installed on FreeBSD using AppJail. An AppJail Makejail is provided with regular updates.

Manual Bare Metal Install

A bare metal installation guide is provided for users who are looking for a low-level or custom installation.


A member of the team provides a 1-click app for InvenTree on the DigitalOcean marketplace.

Other Options

The core InvenTree server is built using the widely used python-based framework Django. Therefore there are deployment methods for nearly all plattforms and architectures.