InvenTree is an open source project which is supported by a small group of volunteer contributors. Developing and maintaining an open source project is a lot of work, and requires a lot of developer time, a resource which is quite scarce.

We welcome everyone to help with InvenTree however they can!

If you or your company uses InvenTree, please consider sponsoring the project to show your support. Sponsorships help to keep this project sustainable, and buys time for the core developers to commit to the project. A recurring or one off sponsorship is a great way to help InvenTree development to continue at full steam!

Financial donations directly support the ongoing development of the InvenTree project. If you benefit from the InvenTree project, please consider contributing to maintain vibrant development of this software!

Report Bugs

If you find a bug or a feature that does not work correctly, please report it on GitHub. Reporting bugs is critical to improving the software. If you are able and willing, providing a fix for any outstanding issues is greatly appreciated.


InvenTree is built using Python3 and Django. Source code is available on GitHub.

Contributions towards the core InvenTree code base are welcomed and encouraged; either extending current functionality, prodiving new features, or addressing outstanding issues.

Check out the starter issues if you are looking for a good place to get started.


InvenTree provides a translation layer for both the web interface and mobile app. Native language translation requires effort from translators to provide multi-lingual support. If you wish to translate InvenTree to a new language (or improve an existing translation), such contributions would be greatly appreciated!.

Native language translations of the InvenTree web application and mobile app are community contributed via crowdin.

Contributions are welcomed and encouraged!.

To contribute to the translation effort, navigate to the InvenTree crowdin project, create a free account, and start making translations for your language of choice!


Documenting a large software project is a challenging and ongoing effort. If you are able to provide assistance in improving the documentation set, please consider doing so! Documentation contributions can be made on GitHub.

If you see any sections of the documentation that require work (i.e. denoted with “TODO”) - please consider providing assistance in these sections!


New users tend to ask questions in the issues or discussions. Be there, answer questions or show off your projects. Together we learn new things and get inspired for our usage.

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