inventree-zapier mdo


last modified: 15 May 2024

Integrate Zapier into InvenTree


  1. Install Install this plugin as follows in the enviroment of your InvenTree instance:
pip install inventree-zapier

Or, add to your plugins.txt file:

  1. Enable Enable the plugin in the plugin settings. You need to be signed in as a superuser for this. The server will erstart if you enable the plugin

  2. Migrate Access your instances python enviroment and run

inv migrate
  1. Configure Create an API-token in the admin interface and add set up the zapier integration in itself.


This project is licensed as MIT. Copy and do what you want - maybe tag your new plugin so others can find it. The more the merrier.

State of the Code

This is currently a PoC / ‘beta’ - at least till the Zapier App is published. Please feel free to file FRs, issues or just ideas.

Detail section

License: MIT

Package on PyPI: