inventree-cups-plugin mdo


last modified: 15 May 2024

Label printing plugin for generic cups printers

A label printing plugin for InvenTree, which provides support for Cups label printing servers. If your printer is not cups compatible, you can setup a cups printing server. This article describes how to setup a cups printing server for the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Duo.


:warning: This plugin needs cups-devel installed to install its dependencies. You can read more about the requirements at pycups. If you’re using apt as a package manager run apt install libcups2-dev before.

Install this plugin as follows:

pip install git+

Or, add to your plugins.txt file:


Configuration Options

Name Description Example
Server IP/Hostname to connect to the cups server
Port Port to connect to the cups server 631
Benutzer User to connect to the cups server can also be empty
Passwort Password to connect to the cups server can also be empty
Printer Printer from cups server, can be selected if valid connection options are saved in myprinter

Detail section

License: MIT