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New Website

14 Nov 2022 Oliver

Introducing the new InvenTree website!

InvenTree now has a new website (the one you’re looking at right now), which is intended to act as a landing page for anyone wanting to learn more about InvenTree. This new website will provide general information about what InvenTree is and how it can be used.

We will share periodic updates on new features, which provides greater visibility into what the latest-and-greatest versions of InvenTree have to offer.

Additionally as the InvenTree community grows, we’ll share information on new plugins, or feature “show and tell” sections in our blog to show how InvenTree is being used around the world!


inventree.org will no longer host the InvenTree software documentation. Documentation has been moved to docs.inventree.org

Demo Server

The demo server remains available at demo.inventree.org


Thanks to @matmair for bringing the new website into existence