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We have news now!

23 Apr 2022 Matthias Mair


These news items will automatically show up for all admins in the homepage as the lowest category (starting with the next minor release 0.9.0). If you do not want to see them there you can disable the function in your user-settings. There is also the option to disable news globally in the general server settings.

But why?

The good news first: We will not spam you with this function daily.
It is more of a tool to communicate with the power users and admins. There is wide array of reasons for the dev-team to want to communicate with you.
For example when we

How does it work?

Like the update-checks we are using the infrastructure GitHub provides.
While the checks use the GitHub APIs, news are gathered from an RSS-feed that is served via GitHub Pages. The Jekyll-based website generates through a GitHub Action and then passes the static output to Pages, where it gets hosted for free (thank you GitHub) and delivered through CDNs worldwide. On your InvenTree instance the background worker loads the RSS-feed on a regular basis and creates entries for the news items and notifications for all applicable users.

And my data?

As listed above we are using GitHub pages for this feature. We are not introducing additional trackers to that so the general InvenTree privacy statement applies.
The short version: we do not sell your data or share it with third parties. We cannot guarantee what readthedocs and GitHub do with the metrics. We might use them as a metric for the stats section of the site. However, we get very little actionable information from that, a screenshot of the total info available is shown below.

Sample screenshot of the collected analytics Sample screenshot of the collected analytics